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With the rising popularity of DC cables, there is a need for new type of equipment that combines the 3 testing functions for DC in one equipment:

- Rapid Cable Charging for testing purposes
- Applying the DC test voltage safely and in accordance with IEC 60060-1
- Rapid Cable Discharging after the test

In addition emergency discharging in case of any severe fault is a great benefit.

The Mohaupt HV DCCD performs all these functions, and in addition allows customers to shorten test cycles.

Rectifier valve detail
Valve assembly
Feeder components (switches, freuquency converter, filter and exciter transformer) built into 10" standard container


Rapid charging is beneficial for cable test purposes as it allows running multiple test cycles per day.

Rapid cable discharging is a controlled discharge of DC cables, allowing for a completely safe and non damaging discharge of the test object. As the discharging is invoked remotely, no access to the HV area is required.

With the test of very long cables at very high voltage levels the accumulated charge of the cables might pose a health and safety risk in case of an emergency. The DCCD provides an emergency discharge function that allows the lab or test operator to push a simple emergency button combination and be assured, that the cable is discharged within seconds, so safe access to the test lab or the test site is secured.

DCCD systems are available for laboratory usage and field usage (container mounted) up to 1200kV and higher. For easier handling the power components and the first stage can be fix mounted and wired into a 20” standard container. This container contains all material required to operate up to 400kV. All other materials for 1200kV operation are stored in a 2nd 20” container.

The assembly procedure requires 2 technicians, a mobile crane of low capacity (